Catholics for Marriage Equality

We are Catholics who support the freedom to marry.

Catholic teaching does not currently support marriage for same-sex couples. But, in faith and hope we believe:

  • Jesus’ teaching and the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church throughout history urge us to love all our neighbors as ourselves;
  • To marry is to make a lifetime promise to one another in front of family, friends and the law;
  • Everyone in New Mexico should have the freedom to marry the person they love;

We also hope that one day the Holy Spirit will lead the Church to affirm civil marriage for all couples who love one another, as part of its support for the family as the foundation of society.

While the Catholic bishops properly hold the power to decide who can marry within the Church, they should not dictate who can enjoy the rights and carry the responsibilities of civil marriage.

And so we commit:

  • To publicly support the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples in our state.
  • To continue the conversation about marriage with our friends, neighbors, and fellow Catholics.

To find out more about Catholics for Marriage Equality and how you can get involved, contact Amanda Johnson.